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oh so visual

Digital Natives (DNs) like their information served in 'multimedia' and not just one medium (like the ever so abundant text) and Yahoo knows it. Yahoo has come up with a new spruced up search interface called 'glue'. Glue essentially changes the way one uses the search utility, eliminating the need for a few clicks in certain instances, all the while making the result page much more interesting with videos, images, Y! answers, maps, news and any other relevant sources and multimedia being made available on the result page. The service hasn't been rolled out across geographies and queries yet though. As of now, it is only a Y! India feature with only a few categories of searches (sports, travel, entertainment, health, stocks, and tech).
for eg. I wanted to know about good beaches in Konkan (where I plan to spend this weekend :D) and searched for 'konkan' and the result page threw up wikipedia's entry about konkan, news, y! answers, images along with the traditional search results in a narrow left pane.

however, when i narrowed down my search a bit with the phrase 'konkan beaches', it threw up the traditional search page. :(
ALong with Yahoo’s Search Monkey Project, which allows developers to change the way search results are displayed, Yahoo Glue starts to make sense. Yahoo doesn’t have to create the templates for every single search category, instead developers can do that. Thus making it relevant and scalable.
These changes are indicative of maturing of 2.0 phase of web, where having created many media innovations, scattered in different directions, now tools are emerging such as netvibes, friendfeed and now Y! glue that help make sense of all the media, making it all the more accessible and easy to manage. There is an OpenID movement going on, and the wrangle between facebook's api platform and google's show of muscle with its open API that would shape our social graph on web. Maybe this sanity bringing measures, would make it easier for digital migrants to 'migrate' better.


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