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Of our politics

9 june 2008 2052 Much depends on the assertiveness, the confidence one projects in everyday interactions with people around. And since along the age, the no. of people among whom you can shed the mask, put down the guard is decreasing; the assertive mask is increasingly becoming a part of our selves. I hate to don any false mask. So I tend to be confused or groping for words or not confident depending upon situation. I am almost proud of my confusion. Confusion alludes to a process of thinking, of questioning and of being circumspect. The one’s who aren’t confused at first, haven’t learnt or understood anything at all. This is not to say that I relish in that state. I do quickly, with comprehension, rise from that state, but that’s a state that one can’t afford to skip. I believe that confusion is born of the process of rationalization for decision already made in your head/heart. Most of the times one makes decision sans any rational thought, as if through intuition (for want