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strange! i am arguably one of the oldest guys here on blogger, and i hadn't cared to write a profile.. well, i fulfilled the 'karma' now, i guess... neways there was this question while filling up the profile.. were u surprised to c ur toes after removing the shoes for the first time?.... my ans. was mortified! i thought the shoe's failed me.. how could they do this to me.. afterall, i had polished them, nicely weaved their laces...and asked for one thing, to take away my toes.. they couldn't even do that.. worthless shoes.. i thought toes were only to scoop out the sand on a beach. but since we moved inland where it was all 'non scoopable' concrete, i saw no reason to have the toes.. ___ hehe .. :)
There's this lil' thread on orkut to create 3 sentence stories. These were 2 of my scribblings. Give it a read... they won't take much time in any case... 1. and the curtain falls... I never thought, today would be it. It always seemed to loom far away, beyond my reach, or anybody else's. I never thought a blade will change it all. *** 2. day of reckoning was near. The only thing keeping me from getting bald with constant hair splitting was the solace I found in her arms. The least I could do was to hold her hands tight while she delivered our baby to the world. ---- [Its amazing how much strenght and love a woman harbours in that fragile lithe body of their's )