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Happy Independence day.

By Chittaprosad from DAG's collection Freedom as a revolutionary act Overthrowing the oppressor violently or not its always an act of upsetting the power centers. Essential for it, is a shared future however narrowly defined. It is seldom an individual's act. It is an act of belonging (even if it is done alone). It is essential and useless in almost equal measures. Essential to assert our existence. Useless due to our inability to comprehend the full scope of change. Often we hurtle ourselves from under one oppressive foot to another. Freedom from.. something merely shifts our concerns from many oppressors, to the one we are ready to tackle. " Punishment sisyph " by Titian . Freedom as (exercise of and negotiation of) control(s) There is no one ideal world and yet, to achieve one, many people have to converge. In a fight to design the utopia of your choice one has to exercise control (and consequent oppression) It is for the ones who c