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Our success as builders of the society, its structures, its culture is largely based on our ability to 'analyse'. To deconstruct things and ideas into smaller parts, that we can comprehend and put together to provide 'us' with an 'intelligble' idea. Probably we arent evolved much yet, to comprehend the whole without deconstructing it. (or rather, we live in ignorance of our earlier spiritual achievements.)Another facet of this is our need for assumptions. We cannot build anyting without the imaginary support of assumptions. No doubt, assumptions are mostly based on solid evidences. But the success of this model of reasoning, of synthesizing and assuming, has cost us dearly. The success has enslaved most of us, and we cant c options beyond them. We employ these methods, where they are not applicable. For instance: 'abstract'[?] ideas such as human relationships, human interconnectedness. well, i questioned 'abstract', cuz we are so used to quantiz

give urself a break

How can one gauge into one's soul? This intrigue is all the more urgent after the Noida incident. What if ur neighbour of twenty years turns out a devinl in disguise. How can we stop him/her if we dont know his diabolical side. How may we know, when he is gonna strike. I used to think, that these are just reults of moments of madness..but then, how does one explain the noida incident. The SOB systematically lured, plotted, raped, sawed off his victims. Is he a human to be able to do this? he very much seems like one. albeit, sould dead. loser in the yin-yang war that rages within each and everyone of us. (Every single action of ours is afterall a victory or loss of either of these two counteractive forces, the good and the bad) Lets say,the evil part is a deep dark abyss within us. It tries to suck everything around it. Once u go into it, its hard to climb out. Our good soul, however, guards around it. always trying to expand to reach out to others. So while the good soul is trying