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Hutch chor hai!

I use Hutch prepaid. and it sucks. big time. They lutofy u like anything. for instance, since a week i am being charged Rs.2 for every sms..even local ones..which are supposed to be charged at rs 1. And they didnt even intimate me with any changes in the plan. result... i am lutofied with aroud rs 150.. coz like a fool, i went on my usual smsing binge, and only when my recharge ended did i realise that i was being duped. My bad, that i am so stupid to use hutch in the first place. its atrociously expensive too. and inconsistent. its ok to be expensive. but its not ok or tolerable to be inconsistent. withany changes in tariff, the customers should always be intimated. thats never done. instance2: using gprs, i downloaded 13 images. while downloading, nothing was stated on the screen of it being a competition or anything..or of it being a charged service. (and what kind of stupid competition would it be to download some pics?) and i had been billed Rs10 for every image. that too, the a