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never mind the bollocks, here's my news.

its so unreal to read my posts of yore, especially due to my pathetic memory.. (Did I do THAT? Was it like THaT? We were Friends?.. )
So to shake me up in my distant future...(through words...i leave a portal to past! HEavy!!!!), here's a NEWS about me.. answer to all 'wassssuuuuuuppppppppps'

i am 22 now..done with mech engg.. for good. took gre, got 1460/1600. so am trying to make use of that score by applying to US universities. Though, for MS in advertising/imc. yeah.. advertising/IMC. [amber's reaction to this - but u were doing some automobile designing stuff na?] [natz - :0] [ambya - ohh... whats next?] [piyush - awesome!]
well, along with this, we at CultUth had submitted a biz plan at a biz plan competition "eureka-2006" at IITB, and guess what we got selected in the first round! :D
Now we will be havin' a mentor's meet on the 10th this month.
The biz plan is essentially about better Tshirt designs, and a web portal that would compl…

What is it?

Words flow in my veins down through fingers into the paper. Diffusing a bit, infusing a scent of the moment. The scent thats clouding over this desk is of something else... something i have often felt, but never completely understood; something so much a part of me, that i am oblivious to it for most of the times.
The scent is sombre, hot and a bit stiffling, contrasting the cold winds that blow freely these days in Nasik. The scent hangs in this air that i breath, unmoving, with its heavy anchor in my heart. i can feel its weight.. trying to go deeper. (no kiddin')
what is it? my brain is screaming with urgency..what is it?
I am not happy.I am not sad. why must it always be either or a combination of these? there must be an alternative. Why cant i take a deep breath of reason, and dive into the vast ocean of the 'uber reality'..the conscience..the nature..the counterpart of reason?
Ahh..god doesnt let us reach the choiciest gifts so easily.