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wasted! ...waste.... total waste.... waste of time... waste of space.. waste of thots (if any) waste of electricity.... its almost like nirvana. exactly what is wasteology, is a tough question to answer. its like asking what is hinduism, christianity, islamism...its a way of life. its a thought culture. it transcends the mere wasted soul and body. it is the embodiment of, the feeling of....being wasted at the core of this culture, there is a basic tenet, which goes against any notion of 'objective'/'purpose' of doing anything. ask urself.. why r u on orkut.. why do we orkut our days away.. talking to strangers, playing stupid games...b'coz.. deep down below, we all know, that we are.. wasted! [:p] p.s. it has nothing to do with being drunk or high on dope.. a most imp. p.s. :its for ppl. who can laugh at themselves, sarcastically look at themselves..

Bounce -- My song 8)

after quite some deliberation, as to -should i post it, shouldn't i-..i said 'what the heck' --- this is a song i penned in 15 min. b4 the 'Mr.SVMEC' pageant last year, which by the way i won [:D] where i was supposed to play my synth for the talent round.. but @ the last moment its batteries fucked up.. so i had no choice but to turn innovative. I sang this song in a rockin' tune.. had to refer to the piece of paper time n again [/)].. made the crowd sing along.. not much of a genius.. in the sense of lyrics.. but a good rocking song.. Mr. Daniel bedingfield, move over, here i come.. [:D] Bounce Falling down is quite right, and there's nothing wrong with it. But staying down without a trying fight, is not what we speak of a man, so Bounce, Bounce Bounce-Bounce-Bounce Bounce. so Bounce, Bounce Bounce-Bounce-Bounce Bounce. ASk urself what u wanna be, a rotten beggar on the street 23? Ask urself if u never try, would u, ever be, what u could be. so Bounce,

going east

This blog is to be a repository of my stories. Here's one, a novella in progress. i hope u dig it. Chapter 1 Boroks had an amusing job. They had to give heed to any signs of new 'births'. They would scout the new births, feed them their first supper and help them to stand on their feet. It was the only thing they knew to do. They had big ears, round eyes, strong and long arms, wide and stodgy feet and no teeth. They had a mouth but only to yawn. They lived off 'work'. The faster they would work, the more energetic they would feel. A borok confined is a borok dead. ___________ Ardin & anksha - the gods, who created this world, had a tiff when they started with the creation of life forms. Anksha had created a million different kinds of them. He let them loose and would watch them serenely. Ardin would rather have uniformity and consistence. He wanted them all to be the best (most agile, efficient and adapting), in other words - the same. Being his usual mercurial,