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Two kinds of awarenesses

 1. The worried squirrel The attention to threats. worried of being persecuted. worried of being blamed. Shifty eyes, danger may come from anywhere. Back bent, ready to apologize, back out. One foot on the back-foot. Ready to run away. Nervous energy. choppy noisy mind. unfocused. mind grabbing at potentialities. reality is out of focus. Attentive, not to present moment, but to future uncertainty. Attentive to one's bonded labour, not to freedom of thought and action. And since, one is not attentive to present moment, one is likely to make mistakes, not respond appropriately, overreact.  2.The shell  The awareness of one's own shell. Aware of shell's place in its surrounding. The attention to one's own shell. Calm mind. Not presupposing anything - neither danger nor pleasure. Back straight, anchored in Here. Not backing out, nor running ahead. Both feet firmly in the here and now.  Calm energy. Clarity of mind that sees what is, not what can be or should be. Ready to fr