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august 19th 2005 Rakshabandhan 1429 I had decided not to waste any more time on this, but since when was I so strongminded! anyways, there's a lot that I realise every now and then,that shapes me, my life. And Its only right if I chronicle these very ideas, so that at any given day of my life, I dont find myself to be a void, a blank; to find myself a firm ground, knowing where I started, whats assimilated, whats sheded. and where I stand now. **** Its been few weeks, I havent listened to English Music. I am more n more returnig to Hindi. Most probaby, b'coz I am trying to learn a few things about singing myself :). **** Its a disappointing result this time around ,too. Well, I am all clear, but still, all I got is 51%. One improvement is the fact that, I wasnt surprised! **** I have a new theory. Of power and goodness. If u see our history, the geopolitical situation around us now, Its clear that its 'good' overall if the power is given to the powerful, o
CultUth, is a club of about 20 science, engg, arts students who have planned a event at the gate of RYK college, Nasik, India, on 8th jan 2005 through out the day. The nature of the event is a 'canvassing' program whereby, we would facilitate to the youth of Nasik to send their feelings to the tsunami hit people of south India. Also, we are collecting money and blankets and sending it to te affected area, with the help of RedCross. Let ours brothers and sisters there know that 'We feel for U'. Let this be known. Also, this event would act as a jumpstart of a new think-tank where we want to build a contingency system for nasik, whereby we could respond to any disaster within minutes. Also, we would like to help the tsunami hit area of south-east asia in the way of logistic support, and management of resources.. anything, just let us know.
In these times of peril, as a citizens of earth, its our duty to lend anable helping hand to the needy.We are a club 'culuth', comprising of about 20 stundents of Engineering,Science, arts etc. We earnestly want to help you in your efforts ofreleif, rehabilitation, re-orientation of the tsunami hit people. We arewilling to do any thing . However we are more interested in intellectually intensive work, such as problem solving, product development, Processenhancement, management, etc...anything. We are keen on helping in any which way. Please Let us know of any and allur problems/requirements, so that we could help as much as we can.We are organising a event whereby we think we would be able to incorporatemore people in this movement. So please let us know of any of urrequirements. So as for us to act upon. Looking forward towards ur reply, Ajinkya pawar member, culuth