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Things turn into cash once they are stripped of their lives - their breath, their freedom, their dignity or their joy. A fish on the table and a cubicle dweller.. both are united in their solvency, their ability to be stripped of their lives and turned into money. This solvency is our own making Hold up your hands against the sun and your favourite gods Do they dissolve?  Hold up your heart and see if it beats for them Hold your joys in your hands and fling them towards the system, does it stick? For a better world first we need to walk away from this world.

Above us

If I were a king, I would declare it a birth right & a duty to look up and feed one's soul with the beauty of sky. Every soul deserves to feel the majesty of the great above -  The ominous greys rolling whites serene blues or the orange blue kisses of the setting sun... There is beauty in every sky. Every sky is free of our smallness, our worries, our angst. All hopes, dreams and realisations converge upwards above clouds and above satellites in the great beyond that our gazes seek and find above us.