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a new post

how's that for a post title.. 'a new post'. :D quite apt i would think. Its been a while since I wrote last. There's much to be said, but i don't want to subject u to my complicated rants. so else is to me, besides my stupid philosophizing (thanks to the spell checker, i would have never got this word right) shit. I could write about us selfish MICAns who can't lend a cushion to a poor cushion less soul in Audi, while resting their dainty asses on heap of them cushions. or I could write about my sodden tendency to make wrong choices. or I could write about why i am feeling happy right now, for apparently no direct reason, but for a resolution of sorts, of making amends for a wrong decision. Or I could write, about the mechanisms and manifestation of our self-destructive tendencies. Or I could write about, the beautiful weather these days that just won't allow itself to be captured in the lens. Or I could write about, the winter, that accentuates hunger and