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the jinxed one!

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do... Essentially, the name of my blog was bugging me for a while.. I had kept it as 'lovecentral' when I was 18 and had a bit of a different design for the blog in my mind, not what it turned out to be. Firstly, it sounded cool then, it connoted the purpose of my blog then, namely to pour out my heart for better introspection. Well, the connotation that anyone would think of lovecentral didn't escape me, but then I thought it could have commercial viability as well :D.. yeah i parked a cool name :P But, it seems so silly now. and it hardly represents what is there in the blog.. Not that the new name is any indicator of the content, but that of the content creator!:P so henceforth, my principal blog would be (dumb! the message is on the said page.. redundant! ah well.. for the effect nevertheless)