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Metro gazing

Centipedes running through air in distance
the mystery of a hundred quick feet the arc of motion - swifter than comprehension.  ____
Hundreds of ghost lamps undimmed & unflickering circling the city, above our heads.  ____
Metal thundering on concrete Air shimmering on Metal Eye on the shimmer of the air.  ____
Behind the glass monsters
it glides without sound, without consequence
air sliced by the swift samurai sword.


Prayer for the cubicle class

Oh god.
Let the day be simple.
Like it was written for a cow
from the prairies.

Let no sludge of pointless meetings
block the flow of my life.

Let the fall leaves of ideas float down gently
on the fertile soil of my mind.
and actions flow in tandem through me
unhindered & forceful.

and if its not to be
please quicken the day
and let me go to sleep.

The aurora factory

(This is a ridiculous travelogue - real experience fantasized for no good reason.)
This is a magical factory. It comes into being only once in a blue-green sky. One can't reach it with a map. What you need is a recipe of luck. I don't know the exact recipe, but i have a fair idea of it's ingredients.  you need -  1. Good warm pajamas 2. A belt (to hold the pajamas in place) 3. A bicycle with 2 happy tyres (The factory goes invisible if one tries to see it through car windows.) 4. A equal partner in crime 5. A town in arctic with bridge over lakes 6. An alarm clock that is able to wake you up at 4 am 7. 3 hours of sauna the day before ( to have red enough eyes. it's a must. it acts as a sort-of filter that makes visibility of magical things easier. ) 8. Loads of luck. 
Armed with all these things, we woke up the third time (once at 12, then at 2, then at 4) and stepped out of our warm warm cabin in Kemijarvi. Let me show you a pic of it.  In: 24 degrees, Out: freezing (w…