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3 of my earlier written poems Following my thoughts, Trusting ,my brain, If u do so ....(there was a diff line here, I dont remeber) , u r probably insane Dont ask me to lend my wisdom, Urs is the truth, fo ur kingdom, Truth is a mere electrical signal, bits, bytes and a nibble, From ur senses, to ur brain, sum of all the neurons' train. Or it might be, more than just our feelings, Through the doors from other dimensions, the truth is kneeling Every action & substance has a reason to arise, Or it might be a grand fluke in the god's game of dice. On our eyes is the smoke screen of our thought culture, self centred, delirious thoughts have been nurtured. Misery is the medium of our genesis We gotta free our mind for a grand metamorphosis. There is more to us, inside of us, than us..... A million days, born every day, to these moments, behind the veil of time A million moments, makes me smile, cry look into the soul's eye .( originally ..mak