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august 19th 2005 Rakshabandhan 1429 I had decided not to waste any more time on this, but since when was I so strongminded! anyways, there's a lot that I realise every now and then,that shapes me, my life. And Its only right if I chronicle these very ideas, so that at any given day of my life, I dont find myself to be a void, a blank; to find myself a firm ground, knowing where I started, whats assimilated, whats sheded. and where I stand now. **** Its been few weeks, I havent listened to English Music. I am more n more returnig to Hindi. Most probaby, b'coz I am trying to learn a few things about singing myself :). **** Its a disappointing result this time around ,too. Well, I am all clear, but still, all I got is 51%. One improvement is the fact that, I wasnt surprised! **** I have a new theory. Of power and goodness. If u see our history, the geopolitical situation around us now, Its clear that its 'good' overall if the power is given to the powerful, o