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WTF!!! Gunmen Attack Sri Lankan Cricket Team, 6 Players seriously injured... :( My left toe hurts :( is racing against time! :( (These are some random status messages) all miseries, all troubles... of any shape and proportion. one size sad smiley. (sad smiley! oxy moron) i hope this doesn't make us react the same in real life as well. i hope. :) (i am so tempted to get into one of my long winding explanations. i will skip that here though.. just go read thomas de zengotita's 'mediated' (especially the concept of 'the blob') and something about how not only is our smile a reflection of feelings, but the act of smiling can create the feeling of happiness by itself. it runs both ways. it was in one of those pop marketing books i guess, 'blink' or some such shit.)