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the wasted

I haven't posted much after the above less-than-mediocre post. and i can't even give an excuse of lack of time.. probably, my orkut profile defines me more aptly.. wasted. well.. to keep this rolling, i am digging out the old dirt.. this is one of the early poems i tried to scribble. try to fathom it and let me now, how much u hate it.. Forgive me god, for I've not been worthful. The love u gave in me, I 've not been giving out. The mind u gave birth 2, is still holding itself down. The gifts u hid in me, still lay there unpacked, for I am so polluted, I couldn't see the signs. The thought-machine u fuelled, I steer in wrong directions. It still circumnavigates only around the lone sphere of myself. The sum total of neuron's trains still fight over ambiguous destinations. The me within me is so distant, that I need to remember who I think I am. I keep a mirror on my desk, coz' I cant always remember my face. And I wonder at the mirror of ur creation and