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Digital Native culture through proverbs

The last post was sooo teel dear. Well, for the uninitiated

teel dear (tl;dr) = Too long; didn’t read.

In this twitter age, I know I have sinned with my preposterously long posts earlier in the blog. But let me assure you, I am trying to be rid of the disease, and I am a advocate for brevity. I had even started a community on orkut about it.

btw, this blog is about the new proverbs that this digital age is creating and how and what they indicate. please do add to the list, any proverbs that has digital native connotation to it.

1. all your base are belong to us - This legendary statement connoting victory in gaming was born of bad translation of Japanese in an arcade game. The words though since have grown bigger and find relevance outside of gaming enthusiasts aswell.
2. Information wants to be free" - It is an expression that has come to be the unofficial motto of the free content movement. Its philosophical implications pervade all things digital and its shaping the way one approaches to technology and its use.
3. “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” - ah. the sublime pleasure of anonymity and the attendant voyeurism. try to see its effect in 'real interactions'. also information seeking in real life is affected due to the absence of benefits of internet. the result is hesitation and unwillingness to accept the price of information.
who's to say, you cant google up everything.
on a side note, i have observed that people these days postpone their curiosities. point in case, i once saw a journalist being nonchalant in asking questions to the interviewee. i didn't quite get it, aren't journalist paid to be inquisitive and curious? I noticed though that he had scribbled a few key words. It turned out that the 'meeting' was only a formality. He could have got a lot of info as and when required by calling up, googling, etc. when one has these options, there is no urgency attached to the process of information gathering. bookmark it, save it, archive it, burn it. out of all the information one downloads, how much does one actually go through (read, see, hear etc) ?
4. Ping - It’s been adapted into everyday lexicon to replace other means of contact. Instead of calling/IMing/Emailing me, people at work say they will “ping” me.
5. “Should I click okay?” – A hallmark digital Immigrant question. DI are much too conscious and skeptical of their action in digital space.

please add some more indicators of DN culture.
until then, have a brilliant weekend.


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