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Page 2 The sky was a clear, blue, wide expanse of sheer rapture. There was not a cloud in sight. The bright blue of the sky abruptly sprung forth over the insurmountable violet violence of Virat Mountains in the west. The jagged edges of which, diving upwards were, as if, fighting for space. They bore the crimson evidence of their ego. The emerald sparkle of the dense foliage at the foot of Virat, were defiantly beaming, because the sun had long risen over the Virat, and they had plenty of time before they would close down, with the dawn of starry night. These plants had large saucery aperture. Their leaves coalesced in divine surrender to their one god – the sun. The saucers would collect the ‘sundrops’, their staple food, which the sun incessantly spewed out. A white blazing mist stayed afloat over the greenery for most of the day. Between this pool of sundrops, and the thick layer of mist, prickly bolts would spring up. This kept most other insects and animals away from the pool, a
Its a beautiful day, isn't it? SIBM gives me a call, Girls do too, I am getting a lil' attention over the net due to my stories and stuff, .. and I have nothing to do for a while. COol. So lets patchup the long gap when i wasn't here, with a new story that I am writing. This one, I have put up on a group too, and hopefully this story could grow in a symbiotic way, with varied inputs.. It remains to be seen. But first, have a c at the first page of this 'novella' ... page 1 Boroks had an amusing job. They had to give heed to any signs of new 'births'. They would scout the new births, feed them their first supper and help them to stand on their feet. It was the only thing they knew to do. They had big ears, round eyes, strong and long arms, wide and stodgy feet and no teeth. They had a mouth but only to yawn. They lived off 'work'. The faster they would work, the more energetic they would feel. A borok confined is a borok dead. ___________ Ardin &