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groundhog day

 lately i have watched quite a few movies where people get stuck in a time-loop. repeating the same day, every day, over and over again. palm spring. map of perfect tiny things. and ofcourse i have seen all the rest of them too.  today the thought anchored itself in my psyche though. what if i end up repeating today forever. a calmness flooded me. seriously. my mind was clear for the first time in two years. (covid hasn't been very good for my mind).  the first thought i had was to delete the whole work schedule from the day. all the meetings, ppts, calls... today i had a bunch of those and all of those were very skippable. so i would do that.  the second thought was to check what stock market is doing! maybe i could become a millionaire. i imagined everyday earning millions and donating it away quickly. may  it do some good. the day is stuck for me, but not for the rest of the people.  and that's when it struck me: if i could affect the world - every day - its just a multivers

Every morning, take a anti-pride pill

So often, it is through TV and movies that we form our thesis of life, isn't it?  Saw an episode of Masterchef Australia today where, for a challenge, there was a clear strong contender and two utter novices in creating desserts and another person with better chances than the two. guess who lost? the clear strong contender. worst part - she had something called 'immunity pin' that she could have used to get out of the sticky situation. But she didn't use it. presumably because she thought someone must have performed worse than her. Her exit was a shock. like any good reality television surprise, it spoke to us audiences at a deep level. She was a reflection of our own pride, our own fall.  I could totally identify with her. I have been there. many times. this episode made me conscious of it. and hopefully, won't do that again.  As a child, the world was overwhelming for me. Encouragement, validation, praise from the loving family and teachers that i received, only i