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an episode

I don't see myself completing this story in near future.. so might as well make good use of this blog. I will post my attempts at poems & literary prose here. An Episode My eyes do search for you, though I wish they wouldn't. I wish to think of you as the sweet mistake, I always wanted to make. Your absence presents me with a certain comfort, for if you are to be around, I would rather you be in my arms. But since that is not to be, I must sling out of this spiral, into another one into other bosoms.

on 'purity'

on our bike trip to Mt. Abu, we visited 'brahmakumaris' centre as well. man! the prime real estate they were sitting on.. its obscene. well, whats more obscene is the importance they attach to the concept of 'purity'. I have come to absolutely abhore this concept, that has no sound philosophical basis and is championed by almost all religious zealots in defence of their every act. What is this purity? its a mechanism of guilt induction into gullible souls. its a mechanism of injecting doubt about oneself. An assymetry of information is absolutely essential for this concept to exist. there will be someone to tell you what you are to do to absolve oneself of impurities. The implicit hierarchy here means that you must submit your individuality and freedom to think for yourself, and instead play dumb charades to the tune of some dumb fucks masquerading as gurus/preachers/teachers/whatever. i know of horror stories born of 'purity'. where relationships were irration

"irascible million private pains of life"

was reading Maupassant's 'Suicides'. Funny how story tellers so often chose to extract the marrow of life through depiction of death. Its as if a secret code is agreed upon before becoming a published writer. (Well the postmodern writers do scratch at the 'irascible million private pains of life' (oh.. I think i could be one :D what utter bullshit I came up with 'irascible million private pains of life'. :P) through depiction of mundane life. But then again, its as if through that mundaneness they are celebrating the futile journey towards death. So its either you celebrate life through death, or death through life. Never one by oneself.) I want to challenge this polar duality in the popular thought culture. There's either reason or spirituality/faith. There's either us or them. Let me illustrate. Me and a few friends a while back were discussing education, doing PhD etc where the subject veered elsewhere.. where I was trying to say how the linear lo


Except for the 2 days of the event, my stay @ delhi was utterly kickass. met up with a friend, roamed around delhi a lot, got to know so many new things. it was good. :D and out of this trip was born this video. on the gates of the North Block in Delhi are inscripted these words "Liberty will not descend to a people. A people must raise themselves to liberty. It is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed. " You go around the city of delhi, the capital of the biggest democracy in the world and you come accross stark polarities. On one side there's Janpath and then there's lanes of chandi chowk. am trying to make a statement here about liberty and our role in achieving it. Like the video @ chandni chowk is interspersed with pics of fire.. essentially telling of our civic responsibility towards a safer place for ourselves. The common man's apathy who walks by but does not act. The helpless people at the bottom of the pyramid who can only afford to wat


I am sitting alone in a big cold empty room, in a big empty hostel, in a big boring management school in Delhi. At times like this, I just can't help but feel longing to be back in MICA, right now. I had never felt this way for any place/person before. I had never missed something as much as I miss MICA right now. Its wierd. Its just an institute. But, having tasted the life of other schools, there's simply no comparison. There's something human about the place itself @ MICA. The place is companion by itself. MICA is our home. Maybe, the realisation that we soon would be getting out of MICA is making me feel this way. Hopefully, when we leave, we would take away enough MICAnness (love it or hate it, its there! :P) within us to live MICAn for the rest of our lives. MICAns are at the end of the day, a certain species. hate them or love them, having met them, can't live without them. I hope I have a bunch of 'em around me all the time. amen. MICAn. forever.

new pov

i am in dire need of a new thought structure, a new point of view, a new way to look at things around me. I have been through quite a few such iterations. The first prism that I looked through during my school days was pure science. Tales of great discoveries and inventions greatly affected me and instilled in me a hunger that still burns in me, for constant search of new genius, of new things, of inventions of my own, of constantly seeking alternate views, of being the first in the world at something. I acquired (more or less.. more less than more. :P) the tool that would help me in it, namely, REASON. This tool had a great role in defining me, helping me find and appreciate the beauty around. It also led me to a generation of a few ideas of my own, and as such introduced me to the utter pleasure of creation. It helped me understand the physical, palpable world around. Then things happened that introduced me to the looking glass of Philosophy & Spirituality. Reason sets up storms,

Coffee and cigarettes

yesterday I saw ' Coffee and Cigarettes' . Its quite an interesting movie. Not that I haven't seen similar ideas. There's one German movie, essentially a collective of several short ones, about conversations raveling life's facets in various ways. (I don't remember its name.. it was shown in some new movie maker's festival of international cinema in Pune. ) In cofee n cigs, its done with taking conversation over coffee n cigs as a ruse, a common theme through the movie. I though how simple conversations could lend themselves to creation of such fantastic movies. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are easily amongst the most beautifully engrossing movies ever, and what they fill the space and time is with conversations. simple. conversations. (Ofcourse Julie Delpy did help :D . She is simply brilliant, absolutely beautiful. She is so awesomishly godly in three colors: white .) The leisure that this form of movie projects is simply astounding and alludes to an

the celestial smile

On 1st December, celestial bodies aligned to smile down on us. Here's the evidence from my lens. :)