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windows in the sky

In the twilight blue, a light shines through, a portal opens, and adventures ensue...

The shoe


The artist and his echo chamber

Have you ever shouted out in a valley and laughed out in incredibly playful happiness? The marvel that is echo. (umberto, go sit down in that corner :P) Isn't it beautiful? to hear yourself. louder. bigger. from unknown corners. delayed, almost leisurely. Whatever age you may be, the moment you do it, you turn 6 year old faster than the speed of sound. You may try to hide yourself, but don't you for that moment become that annoying little kid who gives you creases on your forehead in annoyance and ripples of laughter in your heart? But this echo is temporary. after the 10th echo, you will start getting tired. (it actually involves physical efforts you know? yeah. really. the very concept of any real physical effort outside of a gym will soon become extinct, i know. hmmm.. whatever ) There is no more novelty to it as well. The echo is going to come out exactly the way it has been coming all this while. There is no more mystery left to it. But, there is another magical e

three kids