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youtube's awesomeness

sheer awesomeness that is youtube.. a while back i was searching for bryan adam's song ' here i am' on youtube. the video is that of the song alright, but the music that gets played is something else altogether. this is something that is happening regularly, with big music labels stripping their audio content from youtube. * well the awesomeness is in what youtube has done in this situation. the audio that gets played instead is of, presumably, other artists who want to market their music but don't have big labels to back them. youtube puts a label which indicates where the content is sourced from. the link takes to the artist's youtube page. well, in this case the track is pritty shitty. but i see a brilliant opportunity here for youtube to make money on something that was a cause of headache to them earlier.. wonderful strategy by them. smart buggers.. and it helps the small guys as well, the small guy gets to ride on some established reputation and gets sampled.


it was surreal. i was filled with disbelief. like a leaf on a breeze, i was looking here and there, unbelieving the lightness of being. i was 'sitting' on a 'seat' in the local train on the way back from work today! I HAD A SEAT! :D unjostled, un perturbed, the tired body had only the trains sway rocking it to sleep. there was the ungainly scene of a derrière right in front of me, but hey, you can't have it all now, can you? this lone fortune lifted my sodden day to a new high, plastering on my face a unyielding smile. ___________________ this kind of state of bliss makes one do dangerous things. i for one did something today... well, no regrets for what i did, but I will surely be pleasantly (for me) greeted with awestruck faces of ppl tomorrow.yes. i shaved my head. ( i guess, subconciously the reason for me going bald is to see those awestruck faces) god it feels good. the wind forever cool over it. ___________________ bliss. u can find bliss anywhere. on fortuo


its amazing the way the forests absorb sounds and voices and turn it into a part of itself. so a shout, a shriek, a murmur doesnt remain a shout, a shriek, a murmur but is transformed into a caress, a shiver, a touch of the winds off the palm of the leaves. (hm.. too many ofs.. cant help it.) Once inside a forest, it takes in everything and sets the rules. what it takes in has its edges chopped off, and turned into something fluid and movable. directions become suspect. light breaks and falls in diffused surrender. sounds coalesce and loose their rasp and bounce and slip deeper within our heads. they don't just bounce off your ears, but they travel within and linger and become a part of a symphony which the woods is playing. oh the sweet symphony. what would i give to be able to listen to it whenever i want! The prelude is usually a chirpy welcome song which subsequently gives way to a lingering adagio. The longer you stay, the more moods of forests are revealed to you. i have expe