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Ascent of Dawn

I n the good old days, when sun was young and gay (as in giddily happy; he hasn't got himself into a binary system, has he?) everyday he would give a hi5 to the mountains of earth before swimming upstream of the blue sky. He preferred to be referred as 'Ra' and favoured listening to 'ska'. When he passed the wind the northern night sky would lit up in a thousand different colours and in thousand different shapes. Earth would be ever so enamoured by the stories that these illuminations rendered. For a while this exuberance of sun was good. Then something disagreeable happened. Once, while on his daily sojourn across the sky, Ra was so enraptured by the ska song playing in his I-pod that he started dancing wildly across the sky, darting from one end to another. Not realizing that earth scorched and froze alternatively, singing the beautiful tapestry of the sky and burning dark holes in the myriad light hues of the sky. This act didn't go unnoticed. He was properl