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nooose update

i find myself in a peculiar quandary. I have to take a decision that will veritably affect my life quite some. I have been selected in MICA, which FYI is a coveted communications school in India. Since my third year in engineering, i had wanted to be in this school... more than anywhere else in India. Then, on a fateful dinner conversation in my final year, my dad suggested that he would be happy if I chose to study in a foreign university. My dad had that proud-content smile when he suggested that. That was an important event, cuz previously I didnt allow myself to think of possibilities abroad considering the extravagant moolah it would cost. I researched Japan (the course was good, different but pricey.. but i wanted toe experience something different), Finland (almost free edu :D, but there were just too many formalities to be done4 applyin (besides i had already recieved admits from US).. but i would have loved to c the midnight sun..:( .. maybe sometime later as an businessman r