singing my song

I caught myself singing along to an English song. again.
I can't go on. Once I realize that I am singing, i must stop. Well, its not that I am a terrible singer (not to my own ears anyways) or that i have any social qualms (quite on the contrary, I might sing loudly in crowded places just because I can) but its simply the fact that it sounds weird coming out of my mouth. You see, my English and the American/British English is wildly different from each other. Inadvertently I find myself trying to ape an accent that's not mine and I feel ridiculous.
So while Indian English is almost my first language, i don't have a single art/ cultural reference to it apart from some stand up comedy. (and none of them unconscious of the accent. instead, more often than not, they are conscious jokes on the accent) I have no songs to sing in my natural English accent and language.
I can sing truly to Hindi or Marathi songs. but half the lyrics would be lost on me due to my shallow appreciation of these rich languages.
Its like I am culturally orphan (that I was not until a while back, until English edged out Marathi from my conscious, from my thought language). I have a whole world in front of me to appreciate and I do. But there's some emptiness because a song doesn't play easily on my lip in my daily language. Its weird, the fact that the language that lends 'upward mobility' and a sense of self worth to millions of our generation can't use the same language convincingly to celebrate the joy of 'having arrived'.
Correct if i am wrong. Is it easy for you to flex those accent muscles in your tongue? Or even if it is easy, do you do it without any qualms?
Another peeve
I get pissed when I write correct English spellings and the spell check asks me to correct them in favour of American English spellings. Guess I hate American imperialism more than the dead British one.


Atrisa said…
The answer to your question: Yes.

Ajinkya Pawar said…
unfair. there are very very few people who can sing as well as you do. its like comparing Teachers scotch to Royal stag. :)
Ajinkya Pawar said…
friends are suggesting songs for me.. some of them are.. 'if you come today'.
'my heart is beating' from Julie..

any more ? :P

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