Colors. Space. light. tea. music. happiness. Beauty.

Right now my whole being feels like a pastiche of a million poetries. Thoughts have melted into curving, dripping, flowing ideas. I close my eyes and it feels like I am dancing... moving with the breeze... waltzing with dry leaves. Levitated... Light…
I am listening to Il Postino's soundtrack which has Neruda's poetry. And it’s beautiful.
Often when I let lose this sublime world of poetry and beauty in my 10x15 feet room, the room as if takes a deep breath and flies up into clouds. I feel free as if I am jumping from one cloud onto another. At times like these, I have played with colors by throwing them on wall, or posting colorful post-its on my room window or in more contemplative moods just cleaned my room. It’s like life revolves around moments like these. You don’t age day by day… one grows with each such beautiful moment.
The beauty in these moments is ever present and yet so transient. You can’t capture it, neither can you prolong it. But then again, there is beauty in reminiscing and cherishing these moments over a cup of tea. Smiles get exchanged and laughter abounds over a cup of tea. Moments of past get amplified and in sharing become immortal.
Beauty is happiness. Beauty is indefinite. Beauty is never-ending. Beauty comes in many shapes and sounds and personalities. Beauty is in creating. Beauty is life. Life is beauty. Beauty is in our existence. Beauty is in simplicity. I am beautiful. And so are you. Beauty is in growing. Beauty is in refusing to grow. Beauty is in shoes. Beauty is in sky. Beauty is in dreams. Beauty is in sharing sorrows. Beauty is in smiles. Beauty is in traveling. Beauty is… everywhere.


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