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i came across a video about the number stations, essentially a broadcast of seemingly random numbers or words being monotonously spoken.
About 7-8 years back, in the night while supposedly preparing of an exam the next day, fiddling with the radio on my stereo, (used to love listening to foreign stations on short wave. different music, different programmes.. i even got to listen to a russian elvis presley) i had stumbled on similiar gibberish. the feeling of stumbling onto something utterly incomprehensible but of some obvious consequence is awesome. i can't forget this one instance as well. this was a time when i was heavily into astro physics, Carl Sagan, marcia bartusiak, SETI, drake equation, wow signal and what not.. here i am researching in free time about life outside our planet n shit, and lo and behold you hear stream of possibly encrypted data. btw, at that time with a group of friends we were trying to build an interferometer.. so that should give you a perspective.
people familiar with the story of discovery of LGM (little green men, or pulsars to be honest) would understand the rush of excitement that this broadcast brought me. i quickly tried to jot down whatever i could hear. the reception was pretty bad. it was a stream of random words.
'bats. umbrella. boots. iron. ...' shit like this.
quickly i typed the same words i had heard on the browser. a site returned with a continuous stream of the same words written in a marquee. nothing else on the page. no links. nothing. tried to dig behind the page, address. nothing worthwhile. i didn't dig further, thought it might be some ham radio club's secret game or something.
end of story.
then i read information security and warfare by dorothy dennings. it was a revelation. i was into minor programming n hacking then. this book showed me the possibilities. but that sadly made me stop doing hacking shite, cuz i started feeling small and guilty for no reason. at times, u are better off not knowing something.

that was then.
building interferometers (halfway through) and telescope (complete :) though my friends did most of the work.. i don't have the patience to grind mirror over mirror for hours)).
and now.
a few months back in MICA, enthu Akshaya proposed that we set up an online radio station. all excited, but i never got around to do anything about it. maybe it was the fact that we were too busy partying being the last months in MICA. whatever...


Ajinkya said…
i was wondering how come u haven't commented yet :P
India la tar ye.. we will restart some of our projects :) will be fun.
Ajinkya said…
i was wondering how come u haven't commented yet :P
India la tar ye.. we will restart some of our projects :) will be fun.

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