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front row seats

chandan cinema. what charm! breath the warm smells of pop corn and whistle along the geysers of whistles blowing from all around. even amol palekar mentions it in 'golmaal'. lovely movie it was, god bless Hrishikesh Mukherjee. he perhaps has been responsible for billions of minutes of hearty laughs, content smiles and happiness throughout India.

anyways.. (unlike my other blog, here i am going to let myself drift away in the thoughts and the language they come in as i write.. 'anyways' would represent getting back to what i wanted to say in the first place :P)

and top it with front row seats. a sure fire combination for a great 3 hour ride.
i remember watching 'bheja fry' in fun cinemas in ahmedabad. we were some 14-15 of us. all front seaters. after a few minutes from start, all came down and made themselves comfortable on the carpet beneath. people were sleeping, rolling around, sitting at the front while watching the movie.. what an experience it was.

anyways.. :P
yesterday we saw kaminey in chandan cinema.. front row seats. the screen towered over us.. the images looks curiously distorted with lower half ballooned and the upper half narrowed... its like movie of moving potatoes or sacks or something.
we had to pan from edge to edge lest we miss some thing in the movie.
nevertheless, what a wonderful experience. first time in last 4-5 years i saw someone selling the tickets in black.. wonderful! it brought old memories back, to watch those action english movies in 'circle cinema' in nasik. people hooting and cheering during the movie.. never a dull moment.

but watching Kaminey (which is a kickass movie btw.. it strangely reminded me of amores perres for some reason :P) made me realise something. there is a certain cinema best viewed from front row seats, and certain others which are best viewed on your laptop and then some to be seen from the last row gallery.
I have seen 'Beta' from front seat.. 'Hum aapke hain kaun' from front row seat twice.. once from left end and the other time from the right end and then once from the last row of the gallery.. i can visualise the movie in 3D!
Kaminey is not a front row movie.. extreme closeups, stylized cinematography, saturated colors.. it puts quite a bit of an effort on the viewers to make sense of the scene. it made me dizzy at times.
masala movies in which you would rather break out in dance with the hero are best viewed from front seats. also, the steady non-exceptional cinematography doesn't strain you. instead, it helps feast on the vision of your screen idols.
i saw 'Godzilla' in Vishal theatre (which now has been broken down into multiscreen muliplex.. what a shame.. to replace such humongous screen with 3 puny ones.) in Nasik... the screen of that theater was huge..even sitting at the last row, one at times had to pan from end to end. the grandeur of Godzilla is supposed to be seen in such screens only. or the madness and grandeur of 'fitzcarraldo' would have been so much more with big screen.
and then ... there are laptop movies. movies not necessarily social.. by that i mean, u watch masala flicks with ur friends and they are fun for that social experience. as against 'Khadosh'(bloody scary movie.. one of the most violent movies i have ever seen. made me go numb for a while)... these kind of movies are not supposed to be enjoyed at all. they are introspective and thought provoking. these. are. laptop movies. (or small hall movies)
hm.. need to buy kaminey dvd.


ou phrontis said…

you put these mundane things down so well! I SO agree with the popcorn smell... :) :)

you also talk of so many movies :) iLike :D recommendations :) :)

also, you're the first person who has the same opinion for Kadosh! I was seriously numb for a while. Leaving with all those people from the audi... I didn't even notice it. that was in fact one movie that really hilaoed me, for some reason that I cannot put my finger on. I wrote one of my (personal favourite)best poems till date
A S said…
company of friends make everything enjoyable ..hehe :)
Ajinkya said…
thats very true! the company is all that matters at times.
Sneha Ashar said…
quite a thought-provoking note in the times of multiplexes !
Ajinkya said…
:) thanx
i don't much like this whole multiplex way of watching movies. it cannot create memories. and its expensive. :|
Sneha Ashar said…
quite a thought-provoking note in the times of multiplexes !
A S said…
company of friends make everything enjoyable ..hehe :)

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