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new pov

i am in dire need of a new thought structure, a new point of view, a new way to look at things around me.
I have been through quite a few such iterations. The first prism that I looked through during my school days was pure science. Tales of great discoveries and inventions greatly affected me and instilled in me a hunger that still burns in me, for constant search of new genius, of new things, of inventions of my own, of constantly seeking alternate views, of being the first in the world at something. I acquired (more or less.. more less than more. :P) the tool that would help me in it, namely, REASON. This tool had a great role in defining me, helping me find and appreciate the beauty around. It also led me to a generation of a few ideas of my own, and as such introduced me to the utter pleasure of creation. It helped me understand the physical, palpable world around.
Then things happened that introduced me to the looking glass of Philosophy & Spirituality. Reason sets up storms, philosophy guides these storms and if the need be helps settle them. Spirituality helps appreciate the private and the social, and then helps to balance the two. For me, spirituality helped me learn introspection. The immense fountain of wisdom that introspection is, it helped me metamorphose into a empathetic and emotional being. It helped me appreciate our limits. It anchored my amok mind and soul. It put Reason to perspective. It helped me understand the world and my place in it.
Then my reactions to the world around me introduced me to the perspective of the social. Of the collective humanity and my role in it. Reading about fellow humans in various situations around the world helped me appreciate the role of humanity in shaping the world that we the people live in. The class struggles, the power fights, the hustle... Books such as 'The branded' and 'a nomad called thief' opened up to a REALITY that i was never accustomed to before. The force of realisation of reality is so strong that it sweeps you with it and shapes you into another human. One with appreciation of another human and the politics thereof.
But it seems to me that, I have gone either too micro or too macro in my worldview... never really grasping its reality holistically...
Now, I need a new point of view, a new prism to look my life and the world around to see through.
Please suggest some reading/movie or thought stream to me so that I may be introduced certain other ways of looking at things.


adi said…

I might say this is my favourite post so far. It's great that you actually realize your need for a new PoV. It is sometime so irritating to talk to ppl who don't even realize or admit to look at things from a different perspective! It might sound trivial, but isnt :) Well articulated. Go Jinxya!
adi said…
"that you actually realizeD"
Ajinkya said…
hey, thanx :D
I tend to become restless if I dont undergo some major thought overhaul once in a while :P
btw, i am still in need of a new PoV.. so please suggest me something new.. u know, something that hits u hard and under its influence we reel for a while and think the lifethink :P. Something like Doris Lessing's work..

have bought Maupassant.. lets c if he gives me that jolt.
adi said…
I can't really suggest anything, though not too sure if Maupassant would help.
Maybe you could try The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, once i'm done. :)
Ajinkya said…
most definitely! :P
Hemanth said…
@Ajinkya: You could try "Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman...simple story but a brilliant combination of religion, life and death. Also "Cries and Whispers" by Bergman, "Nostalghia" by Andrei Tarkovsky....Not sure if they serve the purpose of providing a new point of view...but surely are way different from most of the movies!

Btw...nice post! I like the transition of influences...:)
Ajinkya said…
thanx Hemanth. I have seen seventh seal.. quite a movie that! will try to get my hand on the other ones u mentioned.
I saw ur blog, its kickass! keep it up! :D
Hemanth Kumar said…
@Ajinkya: Thanks da...Have finally managed to get all my posts into one final blog...I am on...

Oh..You can try this movie out too.."Scanner Darkly"..It deals with a concept of Identity Crisis..fundoo subject!...:)
Strider said…
finding a new PoV.....
sounds like and effort worth doin!
though i dont know how you can be delibarete about that.
which is agood thing actually.
and about suggesting you somehting..
i dont know, how about travelling?
coz that seemed to work for a mighty number of people!
i can tag along if you dont mind :P
Strider said…
hey BTW
i have replied to your comment on my blog
reply to that reply

this is fun

PS: in case you dont remeber the link
Ajinkya said…
scanner darkly.. that reminds me of a book i read 'through the universe darkly' by marcia bartusiak... :P (i just had to spell out that name.. its so fundoo.. bartusiak! :P)
thanx a ton, dude!

dude.. am game.. where to go? i am replying to ur reply sitting in delhi. come over if u want to... we could go further north.. :P
about reply.. shall do. :D
adi said…
I can't really suggest anything, though not too sure if Maupassant would help.
Maybe you could try The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, once i'm done. :)
Hemanth Kumar said…
@Ajinkya: Thanks da...Have finally managed to get all my posts into one final blog...I am on...

Oh..You can try this movie out too.."Scanner Darkly"..It deals with a concept of Identity Crisis..fundoo subject!...:)

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