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Everyone is an idiot

Everyone is an idiot.
If you can count on one personality trait that a person will default back to at some point or the other, it would be his/her unique but substantial idiocy.
And if the society were to be built on a single rule, it should be about people agreeing that  compassion towards others' idiocy is essential for a convivial and pleasant world.
What good ever comes from being a cynical, patronizing git, anyways?


Strider said…
“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

― George Orwell, Animal Farm

“All people are idiots, but some people are more idiotic than others.”
Ajinkya said…
the matter of degree is merely a way to divide a people in different ways. divided we fall.
while US's 1% v's 99% is fairly simple division, India's caste system has brought the division down to a pseudo science. so much matha-pacchi they must have done.
anyways. it is better to assume that all are created equally idiotic - just a matter of time and audience of its manifestation.
Strider said…
why? to be nice?
what would a pragmatist do?
Someone gets chickenpox, person A tells its gods wrath so pray it away, person B asks if they are taking their antivirals.
tell me there is no intrinsic division that you'd have to make. now person B may be idiotic in some other time/place but we tend to have behavioral patterns. we are good at identifying said patterns. given we can identify idiocy in one case its a matter of connecting dots to make a map. is't it simply unreal to say all are equally idiotic? myopic? humble/saintly? idiotic in its own right!?
I know you are coming at it from a compassion/ empathy/ removing inequality POV.
but saying all are equally idiotic is same as saying all are equally smart which is same as all are equally tall/ strong/ hairy and so on.
Ajinkya said…
well.. lets scratch that equally idiotic part. rather that everyone has the potential to be idiotic and that that it must manifest at some time. So i am not saying it as an excuse... no idiocy need be put on pedestal or in driving chairs. i am merely pointing out that that humanity is frail in that regards, and we must acknowledge this frailty, even when we are designing systems to run the world.

compassion doesn't simply mean to entertain or to accept others. it is to understand them and their motives and to accommodate or even censure or guide them in their lives.

look at the idiots we raise to presidential races - trump for example or brexit campaign. they rode the wave of cynicism. all the experts are not compassionate, might as well elect/ listen to an idiot who talks and behaves like us idiots.

Lets do a bit of future gazing - in 20 years we will have AI in most of the decision making places. if they are tolerant to our idiocy, we are better off :P or else, it would be internment camps for most of us. :P

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