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"Tonight, Turn your weapons to Snow 1, then to snow 2, then to snow 3... fuck it."

 Today morning, I got a message from Citibank that a charge of Rs. 1400 was being made to my credit card. The funny thing is, I didn't authorise this. The funnier thing is, my account has been closed since at least half a year. So is the credit card separate from my account? If I don't have an account, how do I access customer service?
 In the past, i had willingly let go of around 3000 rs to avoid hassle of having to interact with the robots who sit between me and humans in customer service department of that company. After a few days of frustration, I closed the account and let go of the money in the account. 'Fuck it' is what i said. I guess I will have to say it again.
(the luxury of being able to say 'fuck it' is obviously bought by the system as well for me. I am very much a subject of the 'Capitol', not the districts.)

This is how the 'system' operates. It's power is not in centralised and accessible individuals. It is in the mesh of small (and big) inconveniences that it constructs. It's weapon is the viscous bureaucracy - the mass made of men and machines. It separates the beneficiary (the owners of the business) and the victim. And this viscous mass made of egos and internecine interests, doesn't let the the victims get to the beneficiaries of the system.

And that is the problem with the hunger games and most Hollywood problem.
It paints system simplistically. The villain is a person, the hero is a person. The levers and triggers of actions are singular. There is a clear right and a distinct wrong. The narrative is from a singular perspective. The villain is fairly accessible. And the promise is of change after removal of an individual. Movies with sequels shouldn't go from one conquest to another. The sequel ideally should answer consequences.

So if Mr. Snow dies, will the capitol come down with him? Will the entrenched interests conjure a Snow-2? From one oppressor to next, what will change? In what ways the world will be different and in what ways will it be the same? 

Everyone concerned has a stake in the system in one way or another. To revolt against the system is to let go of that interest. To take a hit in service of common good. In hunger games world, will all 12 districts unite just with a brand of Mockingjay? No conflict of interests at all?
The movie should portray reactions of not just the rebels but also the middle class of districts and upper class from Capitol. They are the buffer between the downtrodden and powerful.
Look at how middle class and upper classes in Mumbai and Delhi react to protests of farmers in capital. They complain of traffic jams. The human suffering is blind to them. The tribal protests in Chhattisgarh are a law and order problem to them - not a social, economical problem.
 Movies are part of the system too. The movies are utopias to escape to. These utopias absorb the energy that otherwise would have gone into spontaneous combustions and disobedience. The lone wolf identity of heroes and their singular acts is a strategy to enfeeble the masses. People start believing in the philosophy of power of one. (as against power of collective) That a single individual can make a difference. However, their subconscious knows better and pulls them away from recklessly endangering their own lives with actually following through on anti-establishment ideas. Rendering people impotent. 
Hollywood movies are designed to prevent people from organising. And that is the intended effect. Without organising, people can achieve little. 


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