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Celebrity smiles first :)

Evening time. Delhi domestic airport. As many people in casual clothes as suit & ties - upcoming long weekender crowd.
Travelers were forming a queue at Terminal no. 12. Usually, hawk eyed travelers keep a look out for incoming inconspicuous elbows and the wily side steppers. But it was different this time. Many were sheepishly staring towards someone. But only briefly. They would consciously then reign in their gaze, back into forward nothingness. The curiosity was overwhelming their resolve though. The heads would turn ever so slightly back towards this one person. People desperately were trying to feign indifference.
The man in question was a short guy with a slightly largish head. His skin seemed like a battle ground. His hair was colored dirty bronze.
Another person with him had just left. He had touched the celebrity's feet before leaving. No doubt the celebrity is used to people fawning around him. The celebrity in question was a famous comedian. His movies are largely the mass nonsensical ones - often in blue collar roles or as the hapless sidekick.
He carries his image's class lightly. He perhaps can't talk english all that well, but that doesn't faze him. But the English speaking airport crowd did seem fazed with his presence. They obviously knew his work. They were suppressing smiles and appreciation.
And he would meet a gaze, any gaze, with a smile. 
what a beautiful smile. brief. distant. yet magnanimous.
It was more than a smile actually. It was a key that unwound the contorted hearts.
His smile, uncorked smiles & lightened gestures.
Everyone had a secret laughter behind the public smile. We were replaying in our head's, our favorite comical scenes featuring him. Some gushingly shook his hands, while others laughed out and tried to play charade pointing in memory to one scene or the other.
Everyone was happy to have a story to tell later. They met a celebrity and he was awesome.


Strider said…
you saw johny lever? whoa!
thats cool.
Strider said…
and you don't need captcha. I am sure you don't have much spam coming your way.
I have turned it off on mine so at least bots would post a comment. but nooo!!!!
Ajinkya said…
no re. i am kinda feeling dumb, but I don't remember his name. and was too lazy to google him. He is that short guy in many priyadarshan films.. whats his name?
Ajinkya said…
dude! there's shitloads of spam I had to wade through every week. spams with links! :P
i had to get captcha or risk going insane reading all that spam with bad grammar and mortgage.

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