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just a thought

just a thought..
i don't understand why all of a sudden a foreign government's election result has caused such high media hype in US. People who don't even know where iran is, are 'protesting' (cyberspace can be a playground for the utterly idiotic and gullible out-of-lifers ) against apparent rigging of election. 'travesty of democracy'.. bull crap, funny how scores of other dictatorships or rigged election elected governments with help of US never get the kind of coverage that iran is getting now.

do i see here a ploy by US to create ground for it to go for Iran? hm.. saying the obvious. free press they say..
one can engineer a thought culture just as easy these days, as perhaps it was 100 years back. we haven't become any smarter..
Social protest as a measure of democracy

i think that protests happening at a place are a measure of democracy. well then what about Lalgarh in west bengal? what naxalites are doing, is that democracy?
fuck democracy. why should marginalised ones pay for mainstream.. and democracy is about mainstream majority. the big organised setup is shit. if anything, naxal activities suggest trend towards disintegration towards smaller entities of governing.
every day, commuting from north to south mumbai, i see hordes of peoples climbing up the stairs to railway bridges.. the sight is surreal.. so many people going up, so many coming down. it feels kinda stupid to see people living at one place, going somewhere else far to work. well, i am talking idealistic here, but how about having one's work within 15 minutes of your home.. for everyone? well, that can't happen in market economies thats for sure. but nevertheless, with India's kind of socialist deomcracy, a solution can be developed. the costs of ever increasing infrastructure can be routed to creation of affordable houses in all parts of mumbai.
continuous increase in infrastructure is not feasible. people pouring in mumbai will always outpace rate of infrastructure. we can't go the london way, where taxes dettered people from travelling in cars in city. in india, solution should be people centric with an eye towards sustainable development.
funny enough, market economy can be saviour to this socialist ideal. i dont remember which community, but there's this place in mumbai where the ghetto will give way to highrises, where 80% of the space will be for the original dwellers, who would get better living, and the rest 20% of space will go into funding the rest of 80% in form of real estate development.
i am imagining perfectly honorable affordable houses in cuffe parade even for poor.

well.. and about outsiders like me.. we better get outta here.. fast. not because we don't like it.. i love it here, but its unviable for a metropolis to sustain a whole nation's aspiration. it will explode. lets create and find opportunities at our home towns instead. hmm.. big words. lets c.


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