Cleaving the self

There's a me from past. There's a me that exists now. There's a me in the future (hopefully). 

Does it do any good to consider these three me's as one? I make excuses for the past me. I push my responsibility on the future me.  I never really am conscious of the actual 'me' of now.

To live responsibly, to live at my maximum capability, I need to live in now. to be here. to own up the moment. to not begin with the assumption that i will have another chance, that i have enough time, i was the best in the past, that i have proven myself... 

i must truly cut my past and future self away from me. 

The me from past is another person. I can judgementally look at him and must see his faults for what they truly are. I shouldn't give him the benefit of doubt of being me. His successes are his successes, so are his failures. His story is his. And everyday i have an opportunity to start anew.

I am born anew everyday. And as such, i must not take for granted anything. Must be vigilant, must give my 100%, must prove myself every day. Must look at the old skin i have shed and learn from it. 

my past self has been lazy, muddled, tentative, wary of responsibility, coasting along, rudderless. My present self must learn from this idiot's mistake. 

100% focus. 100% owning it. 100% all in.
decisive. clear. Building something. owning it. future oriented. betting big with confidence and intelligence.

future self always comes too late. can't trust him to do any of this by himself. he needs a plan. he needs resolve. he needs to know you mean business. need to make it easy for him to take the reins. 


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