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I am a writer

There. said it. This should force me to do it everyday. 

Recently, I decided to 'become' a writer. By this I mean, being more committed to write things that build up to something. As against, random posts here and other blogs. (this blog was, among other things, once called 'Repository of random hearts'.) I want to write stories, novels and useful thought-through articles. I want to write because I believe there is a shocking paucity of 'utopias' and ideas of future of humanity currently in popular imagination. I think I have the imagination and the ability to dream of better futures for us that we can use to then achieve. Action starts with ideas. Unfortunately, most ideas these days are either dystopian (Look at all the hollywood movies these days. The world is forever ending it seems. Or worldwide trends - right wing xenophobia, a sense of overwhelming inevitability of capitalism.) or very narrow minded (Look at tech - of all the things that are possible with AI, companies are building them to serve you more annoying ads or creating more intrusive platforms.)
I believe this has happened because the 20th century had been a very confusing time. Humanity went through a population explosion, a technological explosion, many nuclear explosions and an explosion of ideas. It is as if Humanity is the little girl standing in the middle of a busy highway, unable to cross the road as the fast paced changes zoom by her threateningly. This phase of awkward attempts at grasping for meanings of purpose, perspectives and change is sometimes understood as post-modernity.
The profusion of everything has not helped us become smarter, it has only left us more confused. And that confusion has left us dangerously ill equipped to handle the global connected world - too big to survive. The human remains a small creature with a limited means and ability to comprehend her world. But increasingly she is being positioned at more and more critical junctures. The simple animal is bound to fail - economic crisis, ecological crisis, idiots as world leaders (we are all idiots to some degree, are we not?). We are destined to fail and since the globalised world is one organism now, there might not be a second chance as humanity perhaps did have earlier. (Mayan civilisation collapsed but others flourished elsewhere. But now there is one civilisation. and if it collapses, there is no other to replace it.)

But there is hope. Humanity can survive and thrive. But not unless it acts. And for her to act, she needs good ideas. And I hope to give some positive ones. And so should you.


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