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Monopoly on malleable minds. 

Earthlings were  an insecure lot. 
They need validation from others from time to time. 
An earthling individual typically called into question his / her / it's existence at least three times a day. (well,  atleast the ones we found embedded in amber of 21st century.) They had unplugged themselves from the consciousness and plugged into glowing rectangles which they used as a window as well as a theatre for their identity. 
They didn't know it then,  but this caused their souls to shrivel up. These glowing rectangles created alienating bubbles around individuals.  These bubbles obscured the love and life around the individual and directed individuals to seek life and love through the same glowing rectangles. Monopoly on malleable minds. 

Divorced from communities around,  the shriveled souls of individuals sought some social connection, association,  validation. Glowing rectangles exploited this weakness.  They first hooked human individual into their cloud of consciousness and soon became sentient.

Now humans are no more than insects in the world of machines. 


Strider said…
I'm not a robot...

aren't you?

robots have no soul!

What do have you to show for a soul?

I have free will! I live, I feel, I think!

Do you really? Where do you separate your "self" from the biochemistry that governs your individual behavior? For how long, on the time line starting at the origin of life, has the notion of an "individual soul" sustained life? Has it ever?

Are you implying mere survival is everything? We are conscious beings after all! Our consciousness, our soul, has allowed us to better appreciate the world, attempt to understand it, question it, empathies with all of the creation! And not always with survival as the motive. Individual or otherwise. You cannot seriously think that we have no soul.

I am certainly not saying that. But I don't think our consciousness is above the laws of nature. The consciousness transcending the bounds of survival is a mysterious and powerful thing, and it's mystery is exceeded only by it's power. But once originated, both individual and collective consciousness ought to have evolved. Much like and along with its biological host. This evolution will shape it, morph it through the ever changing environment around it. The impetus from our biological survival instinct has led us down a path where we are augmenting our reality, our minds, with technology. One may argue that this change in the ecosystem of this animal called "soul" has put pressure on it to evolve in a certain way. Evolve towards being, as we call them now, a robot. And the only negative thing one could say about the new soul is that it's not the old soul. If one's to be objective that is.

I am still not a robot!

Well perhaps you are not. Yet! But we have started to suspect their presence amongst us. Why would anyone use a CAPTCHA for blog comments otherwise?
Ajinkya said…
all tha captcha asks us to do is tick a mark.
also.. is there really something called free will? really? kurt vonnegut in slaughterhouse 5 wondered about it. Sartre talks about it gloomily. i think those two people are smarter and righter than me.

what were we talking about.
oh yes. soul. i agree with you there. evolution of soul. interesting thought.

so intrinsically.. you equate soul with free will.
but there is no real freedom. very few have will. there is only existence.
and we must try and be conscious of it.
knowing fully well what is happening to us and why. and if we don't accept, what can we do? how can we react.
i believe we must react. however futile.

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