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Brand: bad pimping

If I show you picture of kids and the word 'growth' in large letters next to it.. what does that tell you? 'What do you think?' I am not saying anything. maybe they will grow to be giants jumping on those letters sponsored by Aquaguard.. maybe, while jumping on those letters, a centimetre will be added per limb per jump...  maybe it will lead to a sudden spurt in Indian's presence in World wrestling federation.. 
so how does it work? Do you have to apply the Aquaguard water at the sole of your feet? Does it work 'holistically' with your body? If we keep drinking Aquaguard water, how many centimetres will be added to my height/ biceps/ etc per month? 
No? no such benefits? then why write growth -shoth kind of bakwaas? oh, so it is supposed to be your RTB (Reason to believe). Its really an acronym for something.. 

Global. Reverse osmosis. ultra violet. taste heightener. 

So its really a machine that heightens the taste of the globe through reverse osmosis and does something with ultra violet? 
Ok. perhaps I am reading it wrong. So this is the intent. 

Global. (Reach?) Reverse osmosis. (process) ultra violet. (process) taste heightener. (benefit)

Why the khichadi of three kinds of variables in a single acronymn? and its a taste heightener? not a water purifier? then how does it 'fight' all those diseases? (BTW, I am really curious to see a hollywood blockbuster with a water molecule as a hero, who fights the bad disease giving bacteria and viruses) 

GROWTH is really BAWASp
Bullshit Advertisers Comeup With to Sell their products (BAKWASp)

I understand. Consumer research showed child growth as the primary concern for a parent. So you want to jump in the 'growth' industry bandwagon... the big bad gold rush of FMCG. But why do you forget, that yours is essentially a purification business. stick to it. 
Earlier today, I saw an ad by a soap maker, maybe Dettol, which talked about how soap is important for child's brain development! :O well.. eventually, everything leads to everything. i understand the connection. soap - cleanliness - no disease - no threat to brain growth (?) - tomorrow's einstein. 
But isn't all that a bit too far fetched? I mean, by these kind of extensions, a shoe can claim to my growth and smartness too.. or my tie or my cap.. whatever. 

and i was about to post this little tirade when I saw another ad.. 

This one by Stayfree. (Can't google it up. perhaps too recent)
After the usual anab-shanaab, the ad ended with photos of 3 beaming doctors (girls) who are triumphantly standing straight with folded arms. and a super comes '8 out of 10 doctors recommend changing the napkin every 6 hours.' But the arrangement of the copy is such that the 8/10 doctors recommendation seems to be attributed to be brand too. (for a minute there i thought a toothbrush ad collided with stayfree ad). The 6 hours... message is well intentioned, but does not feature in the earlier copy. 
    I will show you images of doctor who recommend something.. and i show you brand name loudly.
    What do you think? 
    I am not saying that the doctor recommends my brand. But here.. I just put the two separate things together.. now you make the connection.

Maybe I am over reacting. Maybe i am not. you tell. 

Brands, please stop Bakwas. 

P.S. Aside 
(BTW, another brand in this category recently did an ad where the woman thrusts her hips disproportionately into the camera. I mean, we get it.. we understand how liberating the product is to you. But really, must you 'prove' it like Madonna would? And another observation, why do girls in this category ads always wear the same kind of pants. Within a second of the ads start, you know what product is being advertised. a type of pant as a category code.. why!?)


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