Traveller - I

Bagsu, Vietnam
Traveling is a kind promiscuity.
Cheating your homeland, escaping to lovely bosoms of beautiful strange lands.
Wild euphoria and sudden disenchantment.
heady love and stinging loneliness.
promises of coming back, and promises of giving back.

Gokarn, Pushkar
Traveling is an escape.
Running to an unknown face, running away from the older known ones.
Alone and with everybody. The warmth of unprejudiced smiles.
An attempt to bear no mask. or to wear one of your choice, not somebody else's.
A relief of not having to rebel every time you want to breath.

Himalaya Treks, Ladakh
Traveling is to return to your self
son of the ground and the sky.
insignificant. but integral.
everywhere, a nomad.
alive and about.


Deboshree said…
"The warmth of unprejudiced smiles." I want some. :) Lovely post.
Anonymous said…
nice poetry... wonderful lines...
VOTEd for you
rrajiv said…
nice poetry... wonderful lines...
VOTEd for you

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