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The Key

The age is hierarchy-less. First names have lost suffixes. Its a glorious time to be working young. Until you notice the square footage of one's office, you can never tell if the person is CEO or one 'amongst us'. :P well, the grey hair theory mostly holds true but you never know if the chappie you were talking to jovially and sharing jokes was heading an entire division somewhere. you just thank god that you weren't your usual idiotic and made fun of your superiors.
 Hence was born 'mission big cat' whose aim was to quickly identify big people (yes.. there is no equality and you better know it. there are big people and then there are super big people, who willingly/unwillingly maintain the smallness of the little people who in-turn maintain the smallness of even smaller micro relevant people.. whose food even is not as important as the semi-big boss's daughter's big nails.)
It was squarely aimed for the purpose of being aware and not making fool of myself to which i am sufficiently prone. So I started finding cues that will let me know of the bigness of the person. one obvious indicator is how 'healthy' a person is. The people in second class would number double than the big people in first class local, but will probably weigh half as much. But the problem is, big people tend to be weightier, but a weightier person need not always be a big guy.. he could just be owning a small snack shop.. (which makes him a small guy.. the police is a bigger guy but perhaps would be leaner).
So, the hunt continued. Then i spyed the curiously ugly cellphone that these people carry around. The Qwerty business phones .. wider than they should be .. just like their masters. Blackberries.. bloody slaves to symbolism and connectedness. But then, rich kids have these toys as birthday presents for passing their 10th exams. hm.. the rich kid can actually be big guys actually.. their one utterance can get all their domestic help fired.
But i hope i don't really should give a shit about the kid. So.. another icon of that power must be found.
Like cell phones, same is with anything expensive.. people are generally disposed to buy out of their means with EMIs.. the nooses around their free life. So cars, houses, clothes can't be reliable indicators. They don't give an indication of 'relevant bigness'. 

And at this juncture, I happened to come across an amusing opportune observation. I saw all the big people i knew shared a key. With the key they walked purposively in a certain direction. I wondered for days at end, what this key led to. what lied hidden from the bourgeois, with exclusive access for only the ruling class (The CXOs). Why we the enablers, the wheels in the machine that kept them buoyed, were not allowed access to this. whats the secret?

So I started keeping a keen eye on the key-holders. Their movements, their expressions, their gait. What urgency did the key lent to the key-holder? what serious pleasure did it open for them?
 guess... :) 


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