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fried. and as our canteen wallah guy Subhash puts it.. 'Palti maar ke'.
Divine. :D

Well, i am poorer for the lack of MICA mess now. But that doesnt mean, I am going to give up on a dream of everyday sumptuous breakfast. well, even if I were to make my own breakfast, where would i arrange the greens, the portable fan, spacious airy verandah and fellow revelers of a leisurely breakfast?
The single most important thing that bothers me in my current stint at mumbai is breakfast. its not loneliness, its not commutes, its not crowds, it not absence of winter (but, what the duck! how can a place have no seasons :( i want winter! ), its BREAKFAST. or the lack of it.
Double fried eggs come in my dreams. dreams of past breakfast.
The one on goa beach a year ago. while the rest of my friends were still zonked out, i stole away on our rented Activa to a beach nearby to a Portuguesey named restaurant with open patio facing the beach. the wind would suddenly pick up at time and snatch away the tissue papers from table. a gaggle of birds would descend in cacophony and fly away again.. and again.. and again. :P a bunch of teenage girls were getting high on the adventure of trying the beer (flavoured) for the first time. and their race to tell each other stories of their own, how they were so brave and smoked once... and so on. there was a couple on another table. each was reading his/her own book.. and once in a while they would chip up and stare at the sea. with a sigh, their eyes would straight fall back towards the book.
The sun, the sand, the shade, the sea, and the delicious delicious scrambled eggs!

Or my daily morning pilgrimage to gesmo restaurant in Leh. the colorful tinted windows. sweet sweet music. and wonderful hosts. the place was owned by a Nepali guy. utterly diligent and helpful. the waiter was a young guy who always kept on smiling. he smiled more to firang girls :P. they all loved the amazing cookies there.
It became a habit with me to check the notice board at that restaurant, where travellers would post ads for fellow travellers to join in; lifeline for a lone traveller like me. I made so many friends over that board and around those tables. breakfast together and then off to travel!

well, now i yearn for a simple leisurely breakfast. egg in someway for a few days a week. in big airy space with sunlight streaming in. with no one harried or worried about time. If you know such place in Andheri, please please PLEASE let me know. I know its mumbai and it runs after clock incessantly, but there must be a place surely somewhere, where time is immaterial.
please.. suggest breakfast places.


Strider said…
what the duck!

2 places...
opposite this company called herald logistics. there is fantastic place to eat. dont remember the name of the road or the hotel.
secondly, if you are willing to go a bit far. IITB has fantastic breakfast options! :P but of course you will have to go a bit too far for it! :P
wah...wonderfully written about the travails of a person looking for something very basic in our city...hmmm..will try to find such a place and let u know :)
A S said…
yaar! I love samosas!

Ajinkya said…
most definitely! :)
i would traverse the west-east andheri devide everyday to be able to eat from your kitchen! :P
Parul Sharma said…
never thought i would miss MICA mess but now i cook for myself every day i realize the impossibility of the task......

breakfast is surely a dream...
Ajinkya said…
thank you :D

@a s
khao aur khilao

:) aye.
but, i can't imagine u cooking :P kya aata hai tuze?
Strider said…
what the duck!

2 places...
opposite this company called herald logistics. there is fantastic place to eat. dont remember the name of the road or the hotel.
secondly, if you are willing to go a bit far. IITB has fantastic breakfast options! :P but of course you will have to go a bit too far for it! :P

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