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For Inefficiency

I am against hyper efficiencies sought in these days in everything. These hyper efficiencies are being sought without an understanding of the implications thereof. Take the case of energy systems. May it be the invention of the nuclear weapons, which has made extinction of human race a possibility in immediate future. Or see how this need for efficiency is fueling our irrational want for everything. There is a chasm of understanding between how things get made and how they get consumed.

The hyper efficiencies are created by specialization of work. Vocations are getting more and more specialized. As such, human is getting distanced from the understanding of mechanisms of production of things that one consumes. This is harmful, because one then doesn’t understand the cost that natural resources, human life and flora and fauna is paying in producing something that may be totally superfluous. This drives irrational wants and creates a maddening consumerist race towards annihilation of world through usurpation of world resources and dehumanizing human labor.

Matrix I has an interesting analogy. Agent Smith says humans are like virus. We usurp and go onto other avenues to consume it. I would say that’s it's not humans inherently, but the system that we adhere to that turns us into virus. That system is called capitalism.

Digital technology actually can help us find a solution without radically altering the world system. If somehow, with every consumption the person experiences the effort gone into making it on a personal level, then there may come a semblance of equity.


Anonymous said…
You write crap....
Fires of hell are waiting for you...
I hate you.....
You SUCK!!!
Strider said…
I am sorry.
I wrote above comment.
Just wanted to know how does it feel it be a cowardly anonymous hater for a while.
It's YUCK......
Ajinkya said…
this makes me wonder.
electronic media has given birth to easy anonymity. and as such accelerated cowardice. what do u think?
Strider said…
thats true
i mean the anonymity part.
accelerated cowrdice?
i dont know
do you mean there are more cowards emerging there now than before?
woudnt that mean more ppl have got courage to be cowards, now that they can be anonymous?
that actually looks like a good thing. i mean, yeah ppl would mostly do shitty things under protection of that. but may be, just may be, ppl who coudnt speak up the "right things" before can do it now.
may be
Ajinkya said…
actually true.
look at chinese underground net.. they could have never gotten together and created a sustained opposition to chinese authority without the anonymity of internet.

like every other tool, this anonymity is too a double edged sword.

what bugs me is, maybe we would eventually lose the ability to confront others as a people. We are being nucleated by this technology. there could be no revolution without people on street. people in millions on web can only do so much.. and its always elitist. the chasm only deepens...

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