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"Money can't buy happiness... But somehow its more comfortable to cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle".. This is an SMS forward I got from a friend. Somehow its all very ugly. This importance of 'comfort'. Why is comfort so important to people? It completely escapes me. Comfort should be optional, and life should be primary. It absolutely pains me to see people giving up brilliant opportunities, ignoring sublime beauty around to explore, just to continue floating in their continuum of comfort.
I can't stand people who would shy away from adventure, natural beauty for the sake of comfort. what kind of life do you see for yourself, if the objective of it becomes to lead a comfortable life? These people wouldn't even chase better comfort if the chase is uncomfortable. :P
reducing life to mere existence when you can do more. what would these folks do in time of depression, of hardship, of scarcities. all of a sudden, your purpose of being stripped away from you. what would you do?
I am reading and trying to understand Marshall Mcluhan these days. Is this behavior a result of the kind of media we are subjected? Is this behavior a result of increasing dominance of sedentary entertainment - TV, internet, video gaming. (and the marginalisation of live performances and earlier forms of entertainment that required active participation)
the role of body in being entertained is diminishing, as technology allows to bypass efforts, and gives direct access to senses. (hmm.. topic worthy of a paper? )Check out people on the dance floor. I don't know if people were a little more comfortable with their own bodies earlier or not, but sure as hell, many people now aren't sure of their own movements. May be, if they get their asses off seats a little more often to let go in the music, it would do them some good.


kasturee said…
Hmm.. for the likes of me.. i would still go in for precautionary comfort even iif it sounds dull compared to the adventure spirit..a perpetual continum to break free from who you are and wht you ve sounds glorified.. but shall wait for another day... waiting for more from the discomfort zone.. :P
Ajinkya said…
blah only.. its thanx to folks like you that provide that break, that adventure with those potty songs and cautious yes to my bad bad plans.. :P

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