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nooose update

i find myself in a peculiar quandary. I have to take a decision that will veritably affect my life quite some. I have been selected in MICA, which FYI is a coveted communications school in India. Since my third year in engineering, i had wanted to be in this school... more than anywhere else in India. Then, on a fateful dinner conversation in my final year, my dad suggested that he would be happy if I chose to study in a foreign university. My dad had that proud-content smile when he suggested that. That was an important event, cuz previously I didnt allow myself to think of possibilities abroad considering the extravagant moolah it would cost. I researched Japan (the course was good, different but pricey.. but i wanted toe experience something different), Finland (almost free edu :D, but there were just too many formalities to be done4 applyin (besides i had already recieved admits from US).. but i would have loved to c the midnight sun..:( .. maybe sometime later as an businessman rather than as a student)and US's universities (reputed, good quality edu (supposedly so),research opportunities, and most importantly to experience the 'world' where ppl from everywhere come..).

Now, after scoring a decent score in GRE (1460) and having admits from Michigan State Uni, Syracuse, U Cinn (and counting) the prospects are very real. But I am 'being considered' for aid at all these unis and they are taking too much time in doing so.. and MICA wants its dough (partial - Rs. 137000/- :( ) b4 10th april to confirm the admission.

MICA would cost me a total of atleast a cool Rs. 8.5 lakh.. thats some serious money and it has upset me much.. how do they justify that kinda hike in the fee, when the students admitted are being increased aswell.. i hope that doesnt affect faculty-student ratio. Even though MICA is at the forefront of communications education... I havent heard of major research done in MICA.. if it doesnt has a strong research culture, does it justify the high fees?
but on the flipside, it has good 'placement' record.. and possibly my 'investment' would be recouped in a year or two.. but i feel a bit disgusted to use that matrix alone to decide.
4 years of engineering education here, has really made me skeptical of India's attitude towards education and argumentative tradition here. those 4 years killed most of my curiosity and confidence as an independent student who wants to create something new, to invent.. (lest it becomes excuse, i must admit that I am guilty of treading the path of less (not least, cuz i did give some sleepless nights and embarrasing questions to profs., i did try to start clubs n stuff to instigate a spark of proactive curiosity in my peers) resistance.. )
primary education is modeled on the 'possible questions' that may be asked in examination.. questioning and reasoning is severely curtailed by teachers to hide their ignorance n insecurity thereof...
Why, after producing so many engineers n science grads, India doesnt has a substantial share in intellectual property creation? why are majority of the grad stus not employable. The answer is the attitude. 'its the degrees that gets u a job'..
After 16 years of edu, i am skeptical of MICA being any different (though its among the top 10 biz schools in india, like other biz schools, it boasts only of placement records ...not intellectual accomplishments... why doesnt india have an equivalent of harvard biz review? why dont indian biz schools mould many entrepreneurs? )

The reasons for my attraction to MSU, Northwestern, Tex Austin is its tradition of innovation.. IMC was afterall born in Northwestern! the possibilty to interact with ppl from all over the world, the ideal beachhead to start a global career. (I dont harbor any 'american dream'... I think, India offers more growth than US)

But still, i feel an inclination towards MICA.. cuz at 8-9 lakh its still cheaper than US unis.. (i expect some aid from Syracuse.. but would they please hurry! )..
cuz i would still be only 6 hours away from my family..
cuz, MICA has a strong n fecund creative student culture..
cuz I am more likely to meet more guys of around my age in MICA (in northwestern, the avg age is 25-26...) and after admit from MICA, other unis get a miss, cuz for all i know, they are just as good/bad as MICA ...except northwestern - if i get admit from northwestern,i would gladly be debt ridden with its fee :D,..
cuz i like rebelling.. i might aswell start some initiatives there to compensate for my complaints..:D.. afterall, it has the infrastructure to provide answers to my questions and engage in productive exercises...

if i dont have aid decisions from Syracuse n Boston by Monday, I will go 4 MICA.. :( [i really wanted to travel! :( maybe i will try to get international placements ...or start an enterprise in Vanuatu :D..(no kiddin')]

Present status -
admits - Syracuse, MSU, Ucinn, MICA
Rejects - CMU (i was expecting that), TAMU (i sucked at interview.. was groggy n disoriented of sorts! :p... it was in the middle of night, maan! .. i know, i know.. i shouldnt be makin excuses.. but hell.. wtf)


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