total waste....
waste of time...
waste of space..
waste of thots (if any)
waste of electricity....

its almost like nirvana.
exactly what is wasteology, is a tough question to answer. its like asking what is hinduism, christianity, islamism...its a way of life. its a thought culture. it transcends the mere wasted soul and body. it is the embodiment of, the feeling of....being wasted at the core of this culture, there is a basic tenet, which goes against any notion of 'objective'/'purpose' of doing anything. ask urself.. why r u on orkut.. why do we orkut our days away.. talking to strangers, playing stupid games...b'coz.. deep down below, we all know, that we are.. wasted! [:p]
p.s. it has nothing to do with being drunk or high on dope..
a most imp. p.s. :its for ppl. who can laugh at themselves, sarcastically look at themselves..



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