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Musin ' my life
The heavy commercialization and the shift of paradigm of morals towards an capitally aggresive society, has led to a huge smoke screen of misplaced faiths and inefficient morals. Advertising has people chasing cars and clothes they don't need. Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don't really need. The things you used to own, now they own you.
This Demoralization could have prevented only if we could have had a sound educational system. The education system has done little, to improve the students as a human being.
Must children be tought with books alone? Let them look at the stars and the mountains above. Let them look at the waters and the trees and flowers on Earth. Then they will begin to think, and to think is the beginning of real education. They should be encouraged to be curious, to be brave and true. What is done now is to pack the lil' brains with as many facts and figures as possible. The moral and social education takes a back seat. The teachings one learns as a child can be remembered by rote, but they mean little until there is example - and, even then, the example needs to be recognized. The absence of social and moral education has led to the extremist society, that we live in.
Ancient India was far more broad minded , saner and humane society. It achieved heights never before or after had we achieved. They wrote great scriptures revealing us the key for a meaningful, sound life. For the sake of laymen, it was wrote in the form of stories. But, we give importance to the stories rather than what they 'mean'. The circumstances, the way of life THEN demanded certain code of conduct, which are irrelevant NOW. Its beyond logic, to follow them NOW. Obsolete is termed sacrosanct. We brag about the greatness of our culture. No doubt, it WAS the richest, enjoying such an heritage. But, we are polluting it with steadfast stand over obsolete issues. Forgiveness is what it teaches, which is exactly what we DON'T follow. Violence begets violence. And the cycles never ends. Who are the sufferers? All of us.
They are us, we are Them The Ying and Yang, both the same Neither in it for Money or fame,Only for the real game.
As a civilization or individual (these r universes by themselves) go ahead on the timeline, they 'experience' and 'experiment'. The 'findings' often interpreted through human misery, human values, suffering etc. Spiritualism tries to answer those questions who's relevance is questionable. The logic employed is governed by our mindset, our experiences. We are trained in this world to accept only what is rational and logical. I was wondering - being a baby, having no past, no sense of time at all, with those curious innocent eyes & those gentle hands with whom, we would welcome & try to experience any and everything, howsoever alien it may be.
Then, we dont have boundaries, rules, brackets or whatever that defines something as 'something'. We live and act in whichever direction without going in 'future'. We are read to - fantasy stories of the 'past'. These opens up a new world to us, albeit in a semi (essentially) constrained domain.
Its ironical, that as we grow, though resorting to past at times, we dwell in 'future' more often than in 'present'. We daydream (reverie seems to be second most frequent and consistent thing that occurs with us, second only to breathing..!) or just fantasize future all the time. To get back to present we strive so hard. 'To be in the moment'.'Doing one thing at a time' - though seems simple, simply doesnt happen.
As children, we do not separate the possible from the impossible which is why the younger a mind is the easier it is to free. Try to be a child, one can have answers to all the questions. And this means, a better balance between our rational mind and the sub-conscience "inner soul's voice".
Whenever U find a descrepency between ur thought of self and ur actions, check ur premises, u r living a lie. U r making ur self believe a comfortable exit way from the truth, the way to self immolation.. through the tunnel of self pity and favourable assumptions, and considerations of just comfortable truths. This is the greatest sin in the world. the very root of Indian demise. The sin of self immolation, of not trying TRUTHFULLY to rise to ur potentia.Without consideration of the truth or the logic that governs it.
With every lie u lend ur hand to, it is pulling u deeper into the quick sand of a world, worse than hell, the world of the inaction, the stale, the undead-unliving, the immortal-in-the-coffin.
This is the very fault of the whining majority of public. Whining that they could have been this and that, without working towards it. Prejudiced comprehension of self and others, with only consideration of ways to lessen ur efforts. The truth is in equilibrium. U get as much as u give. no more no less. one way or the other.
U win a lottery, u lose the value of it to inconsequent actions of urs. On the other hand, if u work ur first pay of ur first work, how do u feel.. u feel the LIFE. Every coke, every cake u eat and give out to ur friends in joy of that first check, make ur heartrate go up. Like when u get ur soulmate. Like that first kiss. ( The soulmate is the one who is ur equal, not a comfort pillow. and the real man is the one who takes full responsibilty for his actions with full understanding of its consequences, and takes them for the sake of his conscience and no one elses.) That joy is unsurmountable. Because it had been ur worth. Ur life.
Life's a journey and it's the most fun when there isn't any destination. The journey, its pitstops, the milestones in the form of people you meet, sometimes misguiding, sometimes letting share their lives, the hitch hikers, the surprises -- The rendition of life. Adventure is not in the guidebook, and Beauty is not on the map. Seek and you shall find. Nobody would hold your hand and tread the path. Its upto you. "To your own wisdom. To your own truth. That is the place to which you must always go."
Pawar Ajinkya M.


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