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Prisoner of My Mind

I am a prisoner of my mind, It has a mind of its own.
Its hard to defy him,The wedlock is ON.
I used to once own him, Now he owns me.
I had to bow down, in his slavery.
I had sown his seeds, Believed in his creed,
Material happiness did he pried, He couldn't be my breed.
I had considered him an friend, a part of myself.
But he betrayed me, He turned out to be a big elf.
He has mighty big friends, in the material world,
Many masks has had to be, slash and burned.
His hedonism has caused me, much harm,
I had been in the eye of whirlpool, for so long.
I might be captive with him, Forever.
But my hope will be lost, Never.
I am going to fight, out of this sphere,
I have grown out of the cocoon, and end of his tyranny is near.
I have to fight this battle all by myself, not against world, not against you, it just myself.

-Pawar Ajinkya M.


I am a puzzle, Please try to solve me.
Nothingness inside of me, in search of my identity.
I used to be the guy, the one in the cocoon,
oblivious to the damned, oblivious to the doom.
The masks on my face,The scars on my heart.
The hole in the soul, targets of the dart.
The light of hope, tries to pull the rope,
Rockin' fella good old, tries to steady the boat.
The waves of truth, tries to wash away the hope,
But the anchors of faith, Keeps me afloat.
Then a light appears, soothing my tears,
she treads me through, across all my fears.
The sun is bright, and the wind is gone,
And she by my side, I am so strong,
that, I can now turn, the clocks of fate,
the tryst with destiny, my mate.
On the wake of mistake, I was slow to react,
Now, There may be a gray, But there's no black.

-Pawar Ajinkya M.


Time flies by and we walk on,
Before you know your youth is gone.
These years are so precious,They hold fond memories,
Mistakes, mischiefs and all the possibilities.
Adrenaline is at, all time high,
Putting our life on line, gives us high.
Adrenaline is pumping, Heart is jumping,
Eyes not blinking, Engines thumping,
Temperature is soaring, Dudes are roaring.
Hands on the throttle, all geared up for the brutal
chase for quench, iu the test of mettle.
The heartbreaks, the existential quest,
the mends, the dreams of our nest.
The strong sense of belonging,The crave of identity,
The fights of emotions, the need of credibility.
The fear of not being youthful forever,
makes me grab every moment and not let go of it ever.
These tears, these commotions, are precious to me,
The journey, the experiences, hold the key.
I fear of reaching the destination, and end of time,
that will rob me of the journey, my life's prime.
'These' sums up our dilemma, makes us cry
Hope for us to be '18 till Us Die.'

-Pawar Ajinkya M.


Amrita said…
Dilemma, amazing poem! I am your biggest fan :)

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